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The softest and most comfortable bamboo bedding

A unique experience you will always remember

100% Organic, free shipping, eco-friendly


The most comfortable bamboo sheets - ever!

At Moonava, we invested a lot of time and effort with our trusted supplier to create a unique fabric that will transcend you to heaven, night after night. Our bamboo bedding range combines the perfect thread count, weight and weaving technique to give you that irresistibly soft feeling for the most refreshing sleep. Due to the bamboo's astonishing breathability and thermodynamic technology, our 100% organic bed sheets, pillowcases, linen, and duvet covers have the ability to maintain and regulate your body's temperature to keep you warm, yet fresh, all at the same time.


Why Moonava?
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Moonava premium bamboo bed sheets are a celebration of life and our love for the planet. Moonava takes cutting-edge technology and weaves it together with ancient traditions, creating the perfect blend of East and West. Delicate craftsmanship coupled with innovative ways of thinking lead to bringing you the most luxurious, comfortable & sustainable sleeping experience you can imagine.