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Discover all the benefits Bamboo fabric brings to you.


Sleep, the Moonava way

our world first 100% organic bamboo lyocell fabric is:


Incredibly Soft

What's more luxurious than Egyptian cotton? Moonava Bamboo Sheets are! Amazingly soft and supple, they possess a natural silky sheen. Pamper your skin while you sleep nestled in sinfully luxurious comfort.


Eco friendly

Bamboo grows 20 times faster and produces 33% more oxygen than forest woods. The fiber yield is up to 10 times higher than cotton, and it requires less than 1/200 of the water. The Bamboo plant has no equal for sustainability. It requires no fertilizer, no irrigation and doesn't need replanting.


Very Breathable

Stay cool. Stay fresh! The extremely porous quality of bamboo fiber makes it one of the most breathable materials there is. It wicks moisture away from your body, ensuring that you remain cool and dry (absorbs 3x more moisture than cotton).


100% Bamboo

Moonava carefully selects only the very finest bamboo. Grown without the use of pesticides and Certified 100% Organic by the USDA and OCIA (Oeko-Tex Certified). Bamboo fiber has a greater tensile strength than steel, making it much more durable than cotton.



Bamboo Bed Sheets are naturally Thermo-regulating. They will keep you cool when It's hot, and warm when it's cold. Sleep in comfort all year long.


Hypo Allergenic

Bamboo fiber is hypoallergenic. It's the perfect material for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. It's antimicrobial properties also make it highly resistant to germs. Great for babies & children.


Vegan Friendly

Moonava 100% bamboo lyocell bed sheets are crafted with complete respect for our beautiful environment and all the creatures living in it. No animals are hurt or utilized in any aspect of the design and development of our bed linens.