Follow the fantastic journey of a bamboo plant as it becomes a sumptuous bed sheet that will make your nights heavenly.

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First, what is Bamboo?

Bamboo is classified as a grass. Just like the grass in your backyard. It requires only rain and sunshine to thrive. 

Commonly known as the fastest growing plant on the planet,  bamboo can grow a meter tall in a single day!
Incredibly sustainable, it loves tropical climates (So do we!), but is hardy enough to survive colder temperature.

Bamboo is a major food source for a variety of animals, including Pandas, Elephants, Monkeys, as well as countless birds and insects.



How do we transform Bamboo?

Moonava linens are made through a process called Lyocell. 
Organic Bamboo is harvested by the villagers, then cut into small pieces and soaked in an organic solution using a closed loop process (99% of the liquid is recycled).

This breaks down the bamboo fibers and extracts an amazingly soft & fluffy material.


What makes Moonava different?

There are a few different ways to create Bamboo linens, but here at Moonava we employ only the most cutting edge, eco-friendly techniques, ensuring  the smallest footprint on our Planet.

We reinvest our revenue toward research and development in innovative technologies, and smart recycling of used fabric. Our target is zero waste, endeavouring to become the greenest supplier of organic natural fabric.

In addition, we support causes that matter for the greater good. For every pair of bed sheets sold, a portion of the price is donated to organisations that are changing our world. More information on About Us